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  • Al-Bahis Journal Of Islamic Sciences 
  • “Al-Bahis ”  Bi-Annual 
  • ISSN (Print) : 2790-0460
  • ISSN (Online ): 2790-9451
  • HEC Pakistan RankY catagory 
  • Frequency:Bi - Annual  (2 issues per year)
  • Nature: Print and Online
  • Submission: Via OJS System
  • Languages of Publication: Arabic, English, Urdu

The Al-Bahis Research Journal of Islamic Sciences & Humanities (Brjisr) 

Al-Bahis Research journal is a periodical publication that focuses on academic or scientific research articles. It provides a platform for researchers to share their findings, methodologies, and interpretations with the scholarly community. These journals typically cover a specific discipline or field of study and ensure that the research articles published undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure their quality and accuracy.

Al-Bahis Research journals are essential for the advancement of knowledge in various fields as they serve as a vehicle for dissemination and discussion of research findings. They act as a repository of scientific information, enabling researchers to stay updated with the latest research and build upon existing knowledge.

Al-Bahis Research journals can have different types of articles, such as original research articles, review articles . Original research articles present new findings, methodologies, or theories, while review articles consolidate existing research on a specific topic. Case studies provide an in-depth analysis of a particular situation or phenomenon, and opinion pieces offer unique perspectives or insights.

Al-Bahis Research journal are published by academic or scientific societies, universities. They are usually available in both print and electronic formats, with varying degrees of accessibility and subscription models. Some journals are open access, meaning their content is freely available to anyone, while others require a subscription or fee to access.

Researchers submit their articles to research journals for publication consideration. The submitted articles undergo a thorough peer-review process, in which experts in the field review the article for its scientific validity, methodology, and significance. The authors may be requested to revise their articles based on the reviewers' comments before final publication.

Publishing in reputable research journals is important for researchers, as it enhances their credibility and visibility within their respective fields. It also allows them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge by sharing their research findings with other experts and potential collaborators.

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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Al-Bahis Journal of Islamic Science Research ( Jan- June 2024 ) ISSN Print no. 2790-0460, Online no. 2790-9451
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Before the peer review process commences, the journal's editor-in-chief or associate editors may conduct an initial assessment. They evaluate the manuscript's scope, relevance, and adherence to the journal's guidelines. Manuscripts that are not in line with the journal's focus may be rejected without being sent for peer review

Based on the reviewers' feedback and recommendations, the editor-in-chief or editorial board decides whether the paper should be accepted, rejected, or undergo revisions. In some cases, the editor may request a second round of peer review after revisions.