About the Journal


The scope of an Islamic Studies journal refers to the specific topics and areas of research that the journal focuses on. The scope of an Islamic Studies journal may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Quranic Studies: Exploration of the Quran, its interpretation, exegesis, and its impact on various aspects of Islamic thought and practice.

2. Hadith Studies: Examination of the Prophetic traditions, their collection, authentication, and their significance in shaping Islamic law, theology, and ethics.

3. Islamic Law (Sharia): Analysis of Islamic legal principles, jurisprudence, and legal rulings in various areas such as family law, criminal law, commercial law, and constitutional law.

4. Islamic Theology and Philosophy: Investigation of Islamic theological and philosophical doctrines, theological debates, and the development of Islamic schools of thought.

5. Islamic History: Study of the history of Islam, the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, the early Muslim community, and historical events and figures that have shaped Islamic civilization.

6. Sufism and Islamic Mysticism: Exploration of Sufi spiritual traditions, practices, and the role of mysticism in Islamic spirituality.

7. Comparative Religion: Comparative study of Islam with other religions, examining theological and philosophical similarities and differences.

8. Contemporary Issues in Islam: Analysis of contemporary challenges and issues faced by Muslims today, including social, political, and ethical concerns.

9. Gender Studies in Islam: Examination of gender roles, women's rights, and feminist perspectives within the context of Islam.

10. Islamic Art, Literature, and Culture: Exploration of Islamic arts, literature, architecture, calligraphy, and cultural expressions influenced by Islamic traditions.

It is important to note that the specific scope of an Islamic Studies journal may vary depending on the journal's editorial policy, the preferences of its target readership, and the specific expertise of the journal's editorial board.

Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of  Al-Bahis Research journal is to publish and share new research findings and knowledge with the wider scientific community.

 Al-Bahis Research journal to provide a platform for researchers to share their work and increase their visibility within the scientific community. This can help researchers gain recognition for their work and potentially advance their careers .